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"Great course!  Wonderful source of information for helping us do what we do best; relieving pain and returning patients to their functional best!  (To those thinking about taking the class) DO IT! NOW!" 
-Kerry Siman-Tov, PT 19yrs

"I liked best the diagrams of the treatment locations used to improve the outcomes with the laser. Take the course and learn how exciting the laser can be to give your clinic something that patients will want to come in for, and something that will generate cash for your facility."  -Mike Arneson, PT 9yrs

Course Rating What They Liked Most What They Recommend to Someone Considering This Course Course Participant
Excellent "Gave direction in immediate clinical use and ROI." "Take the course." Roland Kleeman, PT 18 yrs
Very Good "I liked the tricks-of-the-trade.  This course will increase your success." "Well worth the time and money if you have or are planning on purchasing an 830laser." Rodney Hahn, MSPT 20 yrs
Excellent "Convenience of teleconference." "Take the course and buy or try the 830laser." Rene Manuel, PT 21 yrs
Excellent "It covered all the aspects necessary to make the most out of purchasing the 830laser.  From techniques on how to use it on patients to techniques on how to market and bill for it." "This course is a must if you want to incorporate a cash machine in your business." Grace Legaspi, PT 5 yrs
Very Good "You can go out and treat patients the next day even if you never used laser before." "You should absolutely take it." Alina Fish, PT 20 yrs
Good "The information was concise and to the point.  I liked the information about how to bill for laser procedures." "It provides the information you need to effectively apply laser treatments." Tamer Issa, PT 10 yrs
Very Good "The ease of course." "Take it!" Liz Stelter, PT 16 yrs

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