Journal Studies (Full Length)

830Laser Studies

1. GM Study 

2.  Japan Study 

3.  Article in Pain Management 2004 (look at p.4 especially)

FDA Study of ML830 (Go to link)

Baylor University Study (Go to link)


*LLLT Effects on Orthodontic Movement Velocity of Human Teeth (used in presentation)

Pain Reduction after Endodontic Surgery


*Osteoarthritis Knee (used in presentation)

Myofascial Pain

Chronic Myofascial Pain in Neck

Biomodulation on Collagen & Elastic Fibers

Japan Study

More Articles/Research

*Article in Pain Management 2004 (look at p.4 especially)

Effects of LLLT on ATP/ADP Content in Rat Brain Tissue

Wound Healing in Rats

Titanium Implants in Rabbit Bone

Migraine Headaches (Tx area and study)

Repetitive Stress Injury (females)

Article in PT Products 2004

Dosage Matters Study


Facial Palsy

Spinal Cord Injury

Jury is Still Out Due to the Lack of Understanding on Best Wavelength & Dosage

Dermatology:  Link   Article (Sept. 2004)

EBM in Action: Is LLLT safe and effective?




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